Core Range


Compact, lightweight with all essential features required for an immediate getaway, the CORE 175 is the ideal van for couples or solo travellers. Personalisation is readily available through a range of options. Enter a 175 and be struck by the space to move around in a compact van. This van is the gold nugget you’ve been fossicking for.


If the ideal van that suits your family needs is a mid-sized, compact configuration, without compromising on all of the elements of comfortable caravaning, then Core 196 is ideal for your needs. Lightweight, compact and competitively priced it is bound to please.


Step into the first of the CORE 200 variants, a twin axle van offering a choice of 3 layouts with all of the specification and luxuries expected and demanded of a Franklin. Customise this van to make your own statement while travelling. Space, comfort and easy to tow, the 200 is a one that makes dreams a reality.


Feel the need for a bit more space without compromising on any of the features and luxury, then the 206 is the van for you.  A step up in size from the 200 but with the exacting standards of the entire CORE range, your vision of experiencing Australia has just taken a giant step forward.


If you are looking for a twin axle van with space, features, with the option of selecting from various layouts and then personalising it to your needs with more options. The 216 lets your vision turn to reality. Your perfect selection of a van for uncompromised “caravanning”.


One for the family. Enter the doorway that leads to space and uncompromising bliss. Offering a layout built on customer feedback that lets you opt from double to triple bunks or go that whole step further with customisation from a host of options, this van offers all of the essentials of a caravan to be enjoyed in luxury but most importantly sharing the experience with the entire family. Shape your dream and then live to experience it with your family or friends.



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