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Franklin, a name that has been a close and integral part of caravanning across Australia since the beginning. Leaving an indelible footprint across Australia for generations. Franklin has and always will be known for manufacturing innovative and stylish vans, incorporating the latest in design, materials and technology, combined with unsurpassed build standards.

With a history of understanding the customers needs, the current range has evolved to deliver a series of vans with a host of features to meet all your needs. From the awe-inspiring G4, X-Factor and Club to the Razor and Core series, your caravan awaits you.

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Australia's Trusted Caravan

Three generations of craftsmanship and refinement.


Franklin caravans continue to invest in the latest technology to increase efficiency, quality and longevity. This means you can be confident that your caravan is purpose built for life.


At Franklin™ our in house designers work with the latest computer programs to create flawless designs. All our body shapes and layouts are streamlined to enhance performance and maximise interior space.


Over the years, we have constantly updated our range to incorporate the latest in caravan design and development. Our designers are dedicated to making the caravans more efficient, enhancing your travelling experience.

Frankly Speaking,
It's A Remarkable History

With a history spanning generations, the Franklin name has always been at the forefront of the Australian caravan spectrum. Keeping with the latest in market trends, evolving designs, new technology and most importantly customer demands, Franklin always caters for Australia’s discerning Caravanners.

Today’s Franklin’s stay true to the history that has been laid over the years and continues to grow with the brand’s fundamentals still remaining as its core value.

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The Range

There's A Franklin Model for everyones needs!

We've got a van for everyone. Browse the Franklin Caravan range to find the perfect fit for you.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Read the rave reviews from existing customers!

Jet R

Our Franklin Arrow is taking us to some very iconic places....in great comfort of course. We are loving our van.

Di S

"We love our new G3 15th anniversary. We were the first owner's in Australia to get one. Brought it from Cameron caravans Albany w.a..great company to deal with."

Jet R

"Our Frankie did a great shake, rattle and roll in the Broome 6.8 earthquake... nothing fell...nothing broke...what more can you ask for...another great day on the road. We are travelling a 6 month half lap of Australia and couldn't be happier with our van...thank you so much"

Daniel M

Picked up our new core 220 triple bunk from Chapman caravans.Incredibly happy with the build quality🙌.

Sharon F

"We love everything about our van by the way. It's awesome"

Brenda T

"I have a new Franklin razor and love it..First trip away.Tows beautiful very sturdy on the road.."

Franklin Caravans is a well known manufacturer of innovative & stylish caravans. Contact us now or visit your nearest dealer to find out more!




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