The Family Range offers you a range of layouts to choose from to suit your family’s lifestyle. Click on the layout for full details

If the ideal van that suits your family needs is a mid-sized, compact configuration, without compromising on all of the elements of comfortable caravaning, then Core 196 is ideal for your needs. Lightweight, compact and competitively priced it is bound to please.

Built with families in mind, the RAZOR 196 displays all the elements of a high-end van with added features extending to the entire family’s needs. From flat pack furniture to bunks with DVD’s there is very little left to opt for. Enter be surprised and pleased.

One for the family. Enter the doorway that leads to space and uncompromising bliss. Offering a layout built on customer feedback that lets you opt from double to triple bunks or go that whole step further with customisation from a host of options, this van offers all of the essentials of a caravan to be enjoyed in luxury but most importantly sharing the experience with the entire family. Shape your dream and then live to experience it with your family or friends.

A large family van with triple bunks does not imply that you have to compromise on space and the finer things in life. Enter the RAZOR 200 and you are struck with an overwhelming sense of a home with a lot more than just essentials. You walk away fully assured that your family adventures are going to uncompromised.

The Pinnacle of the Franklin Range is the X-FACTOR 2.0. The latest generation of the X-Factor combines Luxury with durability for extended touring. Sitting above the 16” High Polished Alloy wheels is Alko Enduro Outback independent Suspension. A Durable Preston Supagal chassis with extended a frame and DO35 Coupling.