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“We love everything about our van by the way. It’s awesome”

– Sharon F

Our Franklin Arrow is taking us to some very iconic places….in great comfort of course. We are loving our van

– Jet R

Our Frankie did a great shake, rattle and roll in the Broome 6.8 earthquake….nothing fell…nothing broke…what more can you ask for…another great day on the road. We are travelling a 6 month half lap of Australia and couldn’t be happier with our van…thank you so much

– Jet R

We love our new G3 15th anniversary. We were the first owner’s in Australia to get one. Brought it from Cameron caravans Albany w.a..great company to deal with.

– Di S

Picked up our new core 220 triple bunk from Chapman caravans.Incredibly happy with the build quality🙌.

– Daniel M

We have just picked up our new Franklin Club CX22 …… it is awesome. The new layout style with the bathroom in the middle and the Club Lounge at the back is so easy to live in, so practical. The window at the back is fabulous when you reverse into a site, eg waterfront, and there is the view from the club lounge, awesome. Love the size of the shower recess too, huge. There are sliding doors between the bathroom, bedroom and living area. So good if you want some peace and quiet away from……..😉🤩 👍 ❤️.

– Kerry B

I love my Franklin Razor..

– Brenda T

We love our franklin ❤️❤️❤️.

– Carly and Kurt

I have a new Franklin razor and love it..First trip away.Tows beautiful very sturdy on the road..

– Brenda T

70km winds…torrential rain  but warm and cosy in our Arrow 😙

– Rob J

Had ours 4 years hit by hail so in now being reskinned … repairer was impressed by the build.. with skin off adding a few extra bits and changed our white ( Pilbara red) screens to black ones… welove our Franklin !

– Anita K

We are loving our Franklin with the independent suspension!! Even just for highway driving it makes for a great smooth tow!👍🏼👍🏼

– Out of Office Australia

We are so in love with our new van!! Here’s to an epic 2019

– Out of Office Australia