The 2021 Franklin G4, is an evolution of a limited edition, released every 5 years. The G4 is a 6.48m (21’) van packed full of features and luxuries demanded by the modern caravanner. This caravan is one of the most desireable in the range and your opportunity to Get Connected to Your Lifestyle.

The Pinnacle of the Franklin Range is the X-FACTOR 2.0. The latest generation of the X-Factor combines Luxury with durability for extended touring. Sitting above the 16” High Polished Alloy wheels is the Alko Enduro Outback independent Suspension. A Durable Preston Supagal chassis with extended a frame and DO35 Coupling The luxury flush-fit solid furniture featuring the latest Tru-Matt and Gloss finishes blends well with the Stitched Extended Leather seating Package. I am sure you will agree. The clean lines and quality fittings place the X-Factor as a stand out in all caravanning circles.

Franklin’s highly regarded build quality and a long history of designing vans are combined with layouts into carefully planned 2 new practical yet ingenious mid door & rear door versions, offering you the options to suit your lifestyle.

Uncompromising and built within the well-established Franklin build standards, with flawlessly ‘CNC Cut furniture’, premium fittings, LED lighting and a lot more. Razor sets a new benchmark for quality and luxury caravanning, at an affordable price.

Razor – It’s the perfect balance of practicality, luxury and value

Franklin Core has morphed into an outstanding, practical range of vans based on the outcome of customer feedback and demand. The new model range is designed to meet lifestyle choices, combined with a host of essential luxury features and layouts, all within the framework of meeting the needs of families, couples and solo travelers.

The Core range maintains the Franklin history of uncompromising build standards, while representing outstanding value at competitive pricing