Each year the Hume City Council (HCC) awards manufacturers based in its municipality and recognises them for their prowess as a manufacturer and contributor to the local economy. At this year’s awards ceremony held in late October, the “Large Manufacturer of the Year” award was given to us, the manufacturers of Franklin Caravans. This is a highly prized award and one that comes from a municipality that hosts over 1500 manufacturers(Victoria’s largest manufacturing base), some of them being, Ford, Visy, CSL, Vital, Preston Chassis, Johnson Matthey, etc. The group also includes Caravan manufacturers including a number who are leading brands.

The directors, Keir Smith, Steve Caruso and Bruno Caruso are extremely delighted with this great honour and noted in particular the efforts of the entire team involved with the production and manufacturing of Franklin Caravans, who take pride in the workplace and the products manufactured, which has resulted in this prestigious award. The award is seen as endorsement of the quality processes and systems implemented by the directors and which are adopted by all staff, in the manufacturing of high quality, state of the art Franklin Caravans for the Australian market.


Franklin Caravans are 100% Australian Made and Australian Owned

Franklin Caravans financially support the following industry bodies, helping promote, grow and improve the caravan industry.

The Caravan Trade & Industries Association of VictoriaThe Caravan Trade & Industries Association of Victoria


Caravan Industry Association of Australia